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Put on your crampons and get ready to ignite the stadium with our guides, tips and tutorials dedicated to FIFA 18and its Ultimate Team mode ( FUT 18 ). Kick-off of the football simulation from EA Sports the 29 September .

Note: This file will expand over the next few days and weeks, do not hesitate to come back regularly!

At Fifa 18, EA can not change the basics: football will be football. However, this sometimes leads to the fact that FIFA 18 has no innovations at all. Like every year, EA Canada is taking the details of the world's most important subsidiary and uses technical advances to provide a more realistic experience. These are the innovations of Fifa 18 that should bring about that.

More drama, more realism
Football is drama. From a European final to an early elimination, football covers the full spectrum of our emotions. So we want to see that again in a game. EA therefore focuses on 'dramatic moments', the moments that make a contest. Thanks to a whole lot of new animations, running actions and the way players complete their feet or head, are more realistic and varied. In addition, the pre-kick control has been on the kick, which now determines how to roll the ball forward.

In order to get that together, EA has collapsed with a number of real-world top players, the motion capture studio. Amongst others, Cristiano Ronaldo's cover star works with Fifa 18, which makes players run, run and perform tricks like the real football gods doing weekly.

But not only the individual is more realistic in Fifa 18. Teams also need to play more like in real life. EA has been trying to imitate the real team game of the world's biggest clubs for years, but is not always successful. This year EA takes over the team game again. From Barcelona's tiki-taka football to the immense pressure that Mourinho delivers with Manchester United, in Fifa 18, we must be able to recognize the big clubs in their own playing style.
In order to really make use of those different styles of play per team, and the individual qualities of top players, you get more space in the field in Fifa 18. This allows you to dribble more accurately, make more precise passages or precisely set the right direction, which should lead to the different teams playing differently. In addition to this, you have more options to tactically instruct your fellow players, so that the spaces are optimally utilized and you can perfectly combine the opponent's Free FIFA 17 Coins goal. All of course, again, with the aim of finishing it beautifully and for sure, for drama on the field.

And next to the field. Because this year, more is also happening in the stands. Supporters take action, have unique banners and sing the songs belonging to their club. In addition, she feels more ambitious in goals. The stadium is more realistic, which is mainly due to the Frostbite Engine that was introduced last year, but this year is still being used. Consider more wear and tear on the grass or troop of the fans. Even the position of the sun is accurate in the real stadiums. Artificial turf is happily saved to us so far, so no splashing rubber at each pass.
The Journey

Last year, EA introduced a real story mode in Fifa and the story of English Alex Hunter goes on to Fifa 18. Hunter has earned his stripes in the FIFA 18 Coin Generator Premier League, and then naturally, their players break their wings. Where does he go? No idea yet! Well, we know that he goes to Brazil on summer tour and is preparing for the new season in Los Angeles, while in stars, stars like Thomas Müller, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Henry and - of course - Cristiano Ronaldo see the revue. One thing is clear: The Journey will be a lot more international this year.

Fifa 18 Ultimate Team
Of course, Fifa's most popular mode is also provided with a number of innovations. New are, for example, the Squad Battles, a single player mode FIFA 18 Hack Online in which you practice against the teams of other community players, or teams composed by real football players, Pro Fifa players or celebrities. In addition, a whole lot of new challenges are waiting for us, including Squad Building Challenges that challenge you to build a team that meets specific conditions. Think dragonmanialegendshacked of all players from a particular league, of which a certain number with a specific nationality.

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